The various aspects to keep in mind in order to enhance your skill

In this article we will consider the rules by which you can turn from a novice player into a plus. A slight advantage in the value of the coefficient is a considerable increase in profit in the long term. Thanks to simple mathematical calculations, you can easily see that even hundredth coefficients can bring impressive money. For exciting offers and games check ole777สมัคร.

About Probabilities

Professional players never trust intuition and omens   at least they try to evaluate the forecast. If a player relies on his feelings, he does not see the difference between such values ​​of coefficients as 1.4 and 1.8, and as mentioned above, the coefficients in profit play a significant role. A professional player will estimate the probability of winning an athlete or team as a percentage. There are several ways to estimate probability. For example, look at the line of bookmakers for past matches and draw certain conclusions taking into account the latest news for the future. Others estimate the probability of offhand for example, calculating how many times out of 10 one or another athlete wins. This method requires skill. There is another method based on statistics to watch the last 10 matches of an athlete and calculate how many matches were won. For example, if 6, then the probability is about 60% (6/10 * 100%). However, this method is better not to use, because each match is unique. Of course, some parallels with past matches can be made, but you should not rely on it completely. Whatever method is chosen, the main thing is practice.


Profitable Positions

After selecting a match, you must make a profitable bet. It must be remembered that the player’s professionalism is not expressed in the desire to win precisely today, but in the desire to make a profit in the long term. Quite a few players bet on the event that has the highest probability, however, such a bet will not bring additional profit. To determine the profitable rate, it is necessary to estimate the probability of each event and compare the expectation, which is calculated as the product of probability and coefficient. Where it is more, there is a higher profit.

Account Bets

Accounting rates   an extremely useful and effective lesson. It allows you to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the players and learn the necessary conclusions  for example, the fact that it is possible (but difficult) to play ultra low odds, that pure victories are more profitable than positive forms, and that football is a drain. Accounting rates usually lead to Excel, and you can download a special program for players. With the desire to quit keep statistics you need to fight. Of course, it’s difficult in 2 weeks after watching a lot of matches and running out of enthusiasm to keep statistics, but without it even a very talented forecaster can’t expect a plus distance. It must be remembered that self discipline is an extremely useful thing in gaming bets.